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I am addicted to health, and I transformed my life from changing my diet almost 12 years ago. I lost weight, avoided surgery for Acid Reflux (my doctor was pushing), cleared my acne, lowered my blood pressure, dropped my cholesterol and gave my life long asthma a kick to the curb. If I can do it so can you!

My Mission:
To change the way restaurants feed us.
We deserve great gourmet food without the crap, chemicals & junk!!!

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Book Chef Marcus Guiliano to Speak
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Wild Salmon Fraud | Franina Restaurant Syosset NY Long Island

Here is another restaurant that can't answer questions about their menu. If you are going to advertise wild salmon, then you should be able to back it up.

Chef Marcus Guiliano has been an advocate for over 10 years on healthy, sustainable, local & real food. He found his mission in cooking when he reversed over a handful of medical conditions including 28 years of asthma. For more information visit http://www.chefonamission.com.
Chef Guiliano owns and operates Aroma Thyme Bistro which Certified Green© by The Green Restaurant Association. His latest project is http://www.truthinmenu.com

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  1. Nick Flit

    I LOVE THIS site! Needs to be a watchdog for this kind of crap. Glad you "followed" me on Twitter (Nick Flit) otherwise I would have missed this..so great!

  2. Turn off your phone! This is the second video I watched and the phone rang in the other one too!!!



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