Alaskan king Crab

It is very important to support Alaskan King Crab. But Russian crab has taken over the market share. Not many people realize that there could be serious downfalls to supporting bad crab.


What to Water Plants Day 7

The Best Chocolate

I hear people say all the time about places having the best chocolate. What do they mean by that? Here is my take on the best chocolate. It had to be raw, fair trade and sweetened with a low glycemic sweetener. www.healhtychefdude.com


What to Water Plants Day 3

What to Water Plants Day 2

Drinking Milk is not Necessary For Kids

I am saying that there are better options than milk. I just found an article scaring people about raising vegan kids. It really hits stresses that kids need milk. So I interview my son who has never had a glass of milk and ran his first half marathon at the age of 6.

Here is misleading article in the NY Daily News about how kids really should drink milk. http://www.nydailynews.com/lifestyle/health/2010/04/21/2010-04-21_vegan_diets_may_not_be_healthy_for_kids.html


What to Water Plants

Fresh is not Enough in Restaurants Anymore

Truth in Menus

You can't believe what you are told all the time when it comes to food origins. Chefs, food critics and writers even give wrong information. We all have a right to know where our food comes from. I don't care if it is a hospital, school cafeteria, grocery store or a restaurant.


Composting at a Restaurant

Composting can be a huge environmental savings if done properly in a restaurant. Here is a demo on the potential of composting. Composting can be very simple. If a restaurant does not have enough space then they can contact a local chicken or pig farmer. These farmers will welcome vegetable scraps. Can you imagine if more restaurants sent their veggie scraps to a better cause. www.healthychefdude.com


How are Chickens Chilled in the Processing Plant

Here is a description of how chicken is cooled. We explain the difference ways to cool a chicken in the processing plant. The two methods are water chilled and air chilled. But most likely both of these methods uses chlorine or other chemical. However there is acid water method that uses a very low pH water to chill and kill bacteria.


Why Do Farmed Salmon Have More Omega 3's

Farmed salmon, believe it or not, have more Omega 3 fats than wild Salmon. But there is more to the story.


Is it Really Grass Fed Beef

I find that true grass fed beef is often mislabeled on menus. It seems restaurants are saying that they have grass fed and really don't have it. It is usually a range fed beef that is on grass but is then finished the last couple of months on corn/grain.

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