Culinary Student Q & A

Culinary Student Q & A 
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1. What is your title and what do you do?
2. Why did you choose this career?
3. Why did you choose the location of your restaurant in Ellenville and have the results from being at your location met your expectations?
4. What was your inspiration behind your restaurant "Aroma Thyme Bistro"?
5. Keeping in mind the altruistic principles your restaurant is built on, what advice would you give someone who is trying to open a bakery or breakfast café if he or she doesn't have the capital to open a restaurant immediately?
6. What would you leave behind as your legacy for aspiring chefs?


Breaking News: Ellenville Building Inspector

Breaking News: Ellenville Building Inspector 

Breaking News: Ellenville Building Inspector #UlsterCounty #Ellenville #ExposeEllenvilleBuildingInspector #ExposeBrianSchug

Largest Chicken Company Investing in Vegan Protein Company

Largest Chicken Company Investing in Vegan Protein Company 
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Can Tyson foods see the future? 

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 Chef Marcus Guiliano is an award-winning chef, green restaurateur, real food activist, professional speaker, restaurant consultant & ultra-marathoner. Devoting his career to a whole food, whole life approach, Chef Marcus has coined the phrase Eco-Lectic Cuisine. The notion behind Eco-Lectic Cuisine is how Chef Marcus marries healthy food with ethically and socially responsible sustainable business practices. Marcus is often heard saying, “It's the whole picture that matters." Chef Marcus, and his wife Jamie,  had to overcome a handful of health challenges in the late 90s. He was able to eliminate all of the medications he was taking and in the transition cure an asthmatic condition he had from birth. After overcoming his various health challenges, Chef Marcus was invited to contribute over 200 recipes to several Dr. Gary Null's books. In addition to successfully owning and operating the first Green Certified restaurant in the Hudson Valley, Aroma Thyme Bistro, Chef Marcus has begun to devote his time consulting and trouble shooting for other restaurants. His master consulting project is www.50mistakes.com: an free online cyber coaching tool for applicable to all businesses, not just restaurants. Garnering his passion for clean, sustainable, healthy food choices, Chef Marcus has launched other activist/watchdog oriented sites including: NoFarmedSalmon.com, ChefonaMission.com & the controversial FoodFraudTV.com. On FoodFraudTV.com , Chef Marcus has called out fellow chefs for not being honest to their patrons on their menus. Chef Marcus has a rather large following on YouTube and his videos can be found under the moniker: MarcusG.tv. Chef Marcus has been featured on CNN, Dr OZ, New York Post, New York Times, TEDx Longdock, Best Chef's America, Sierra Club Magazine, Huffington Post, International Wine Masters, Bottom Line Publications, Smithsonian (Online) and Organic Spa Magazine. The Colorado Dept of Agriculture stated, “Marcus Guiliano is the Willie Nelson of Farm to Table”. Recently, OneGreenPlanet.com named Chef Marcus as one of The “5 Food Activists Helping To Make Big Changes."  Most days Chef Marcus can be found pursing his passion of food at his restaurant Aroma Thyme Bistro or on pursuing his passion for running on one of the many country roads and trails surrounding his restaurant.

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